Book your hotel in Stockholm

Looking for fivestar hotels with luxury rooms and highclass service, stunning views of the water in central Stockholm or cheap stay at budgethotels? You´ll find a wide range of hotels in Stockholm, no matter what you seek. Weather you want to stay in a mansion, in an aparthotel, in an jumbojet or a ship in Stockholm. There are hotels to suit all needs.
Which hotel is best for you depends on your personal taste – you nevertheless will find the hotel through Riddarholmen islet, Stockholm

What is most important when searching for hotels in Stockholm?

Before you search and make a booking of a hotel in Stockholm you have to know what your priorities are. Would you appreciate to relax in a relaxin spa after a day in Stockholm town, for example, then you have to look up what what actually is available. Some hotels market themselves with spafacilites, but in reality it´s only a sauna and a small relaxation area.

Transportation in Stockholm

Stockholms centralstation jarnvag vanthallen vykort Are you planning to drive with a car to the hotel, make sure you have somewhere to park close to the hotel, some of them offer parkingspaces. If not coming with car it can be worth looking into the communication possibilities. If you choose a central hotel it´s never far to the nearest subway station or bus stop. It´s however important to examine the communication possibilities if you stay at a hotel is in the outskirts of Stockholm, at least if you intend to go into the city during the day.

Look for more than just stars

Strandvägen - Stockholm, Sweden - DSC01732 The number of stars a hotel has, from one to five stars, just reflects how many criterias the hotel meets according to a special specification list. In some cases it doesn´t mean that quality and service always keeps a certain and corresponding standard.
So it´s important to not focus too much on the number of stars. 5 star hotels admittedly keeps an extremely high standard. But the difference between, for example, 3 and 4 star hotels is marginal. It will thus be easier to get a wider range of hotels to choose from and even easier to find a better price. It´s really worth looking at the customer reviews that often are found on the bookingpages for hotels.

What´s included?

Cheap hotels sometimes keep low prices just because they do not include the same services as the more expensive options. It´s not uncommon to charge extra for breakfest, in extrem cases some hotels even charge extra for the bed to be made up when you arrive. Also control the times for checkin and checkout because it sometimes can vary a lot. Some budgethotels only offer accommodation for exactly 10 hours, although there really are exceptional. WIFI is usually included, although there are exceptions when it comes to that.